Partners. Questions and Answers

Any business entity (legal or natural person (individual entrepreneur)) can become a partner.
If you are not an individual entrepreneur, you have to register as a business entity in the manner prescribed by law or link your account to the user profile with the specified status. In this case, the affiliate program will apply to such a user.
The partner receives 50% of the commission fee obtained as a result of such partner’s activity and depends on the number of involved users whose profiles have been registered by the partner.
The affiliate program applies to all types of auctions, public or private procurement.
The partner's remuneration is calculated automatically in accordance with the terms and conditions of the affiliate program and paid at any time after the funds are credited to the account. The funds are credited in the manner and under the terms specified in the partnership agreement. The account and the funds are managed in the “Balance” section of the account menu. The remuneration is paid solely to the Partner’s account specified in the profile.
None of the above forms is in conflict with the requirements of the applicable legislation.
The partnership agreement period is unlimited.
Yes, you can become a partner and receive remuneration depending on the number of users attracted to and registered in the system by you.
In this case, the Partner’s remuneration is equal to 20% of the commission fee obtained. Users attracted by the Partner are accounted solely by sending each new user an electronic link placed in the “Partners” section of the account menu.
Yes, we are interested in this form of cooperation. Your remuneration will be equal to 20% of the revenue received from the users attracted. For more details please contact us by phone +38 (067) 657 46 1.
The terms and conditions of the affiliate agreement can be found here.